Thursday, August 10, 2006

Jordan's first dye job

Jordan is participating in a magic yarn ball swap with some of the local girls. She wanted to dye her yarn, so I let her do it all herself with some koolaid. All I did was wash the yarn for her. This is her "Autumn Leaves" colorway. Done with a mix of Black Cherry & Cherry, and Mango.
She also made stitch markers for inside and made some extra for sale. She already traded the bottom set for some wool. That's my girl. Building the stash already. LOL.

It was a dye party!

Had a dye party at my house Friday night and here are my creations...
WOTA handpainted with Procion dyes. "Grape Crush" colorway, Plum Blossom & Ice Blue.

Malabrigo 100% merino handpainted with Procion dyes. "Summer Sunset" , hot pink, Antique Gold, Plum Blossom. A bit brighter than I'd hoped for, but I am sure it will look gorgeous as some longies for Scarlett.