Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Hungry anyone?

This hat is knit with 100% Peruvian wool, hand-dyed with kool-aid. The sushi set was knit with 100% cotton yarn, with the exception of the Nori which was done in wool. So yummy!

Friday, October 20, 2006

I can sew too

Imagine that! LOL. What craft do I not do? The top 8 dipes are Scarlett's and the bottom 3 I made for Bella in trade with Jessica.

The oh-so-fun process of dyeing roving

The dyeing process...


In the dye bath:

A whole lotta balls

Some of the wool balls I felted this week, and a cute face thrown in for good measure!

The sweetest model

Sweet Scarlett Pearl in her Picky Pants knit with Loro Baranquerro colorway from Malabrigo merino. Knitted hat courtesy of Erin, another Sewing Mama. Shirt dyed by me, and diaper sewn by me.
More pics

Longies & wool balls

Ah geez - I am so blog-clueless. I can't figure out how to get these pics in the right order! These longies are knit from lovely Uruguay merino in Vino de Borra, with Marron Oscuro trim.

Some roving I dyed to make felted balls with.
Another pair of longies for Scarlett. These are also knit with merino from Uruguay. Autumn Forest colorway.

These are the Summer Sunset colorway I dyed a while back.

And finally some felted wool balls. These are up for sale in our shoppe. www.NurturingThreads.com