Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Namaste, how I love thee

I have somehow fallen in love with bags. All sorts off bags. Purses, knitting bags, you name it. It is thanks to my best friend. She is a self-admitted bag ho and for the longest time I resisted. Oh how I resisted. I stuck with my one bag and could not understand how she needed a different bag to suit how she felt that particular day. How I stayed under that rock for so long I will never comprehend. Once you fall under the spell of bag love it becomes like this obsession. You sit and stare at different styles. You see ladies in the store and you don't even look at their faces, you look at their bags... and their shoes if you have a wee love of shoes too like I do. I am in some serious trouble! At least I am not so concerned with my bags and shoes being a perfect match... yet! I am still eclectic that way. So thank you Jessica for for opening my eyes!

Anyhow, when I saw this contest I just had to enter, and you all should too!