Friday, January 26, 2007

It's killing me too

Not being able to show a pic of part of Jessica's blessing gift is as hard on me as it is on her not knowing what it is. Only one more week.

In other news I have finally got my room almost totally cleaned up so I can get back on track with some sewing and destashing.

OTN I have started Zaftig. I have to say though that it is incredibly boring to knit TEN INCHES of garter stitch only 8 stitches wide. Especially with a stretchy yarn on small needles. I need to get it done though so I can get started on the cups before tomorrow's knit and chat. I'd like to get familiar with the pattern so I can actually chat instead of keeping my eyes on the pattern.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Rainbows = empty needles!

Can you believe it? I can't. Nothing on my needles as we speak. I need to cast on Lolita Legs and get started on a top secret gift for Jessica Gy. Well secret from her. Bwahahaha! I finished the cuffs on this soaker for my chunky baby last night. Curly Purly soaker with BFL for the waist and cuffs, and luxury merino/silk/alpaca blend from my friend Mich. Size large with added width in the cuffs and extra short rows because not only does Scarlett have some thunder thighs, she also has a big caboose. LOL.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Gratuitous cutie shots

Here's the dragonfly shorties in action. I still need to embroider the dragonfly on them. Not sure what color to use though!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Warm Fuzzies

I finally took the time to knit myself a pair of fingerless mitts. I decided to do Natalya and did them with some WOTA. Unfortunately I still have problems wearing wool. WAHHHH! I am going to have to make another pair in something else scrummy. Maybe Bamboo or Soy! Not sure what to do with them. Maybe I'll gift them. I also whipped up a Calorimetry the other night when I couldn't sleep. Very cute on Jordan, but it looks really funny on me, so it's hers.

Monday, January 15, 2007


They are always making me nutty. I wish they would work when I need them. Way too often I go to take a photo or video and they are dead. I think I need a new set of rechargable ones since these hardly hold a charge at all. The other night, we were playing Clue and we heard Damien upstairs on the microphone so we went to check it out. He had plugged in Rob's microphone to Jordan's amplifier, and was doing a cooking show with his new playkitchen! Complete with "Bam" and all. Unfortunately the camera chose that moment to die. Then last night I wanted to take a picture of Scarlett while she was sleeping and realized my batteries were not charging like I thought. I guess they were loose in the charger. She looked so precious like a little doll with her bright red cheeks and pale rest of her face. I feel horrible that she is sick, but darn she looked so cute!

Charge batteries, charge! I need to get some pics done so I can finish a trade. Yarn for stamp pads. Cause ya know I *need* another hobby!

No surprise there!

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Monday, January 08, 2007

I think I need to downsize...

So, I'm working on Natalya , in WOTA dyed by Erika in her Enchanted colorway, and I look down and see the funniest thing!

I think I need to get my rings sized down! I had them sized up a half size to 5 after I had Jordan, and now that I am nursing two kiddos, my fingers are all boney again. I thought it was hilarious though that I didn't even notice till I needed the cable needle again. LOL.

I'm bringing sexy back!

I got these a while ago and forgot to mention them. They need to be knit up in time for Valentine's Day. A special little surprise for my hubby. Betty , Lolita Legs , Zaftig for me!!!! I think I am going to do the stockings in the Wine and the corset and bra in the Charcoal. I wonder though if I dyed the Charcoal with some black it would take it evenly. Hmmm...

I am a lazy knitter

So, I dyed this yarn a while back and it spent some time curing in my stash even though it had plans. I finally got around to knitting it up and now it sits, needing some kitchener and elastic. Me and my lazy ways. BFL aran hand-painted with Wiltons in Dragonfly. I love how it looks kettle dyed due to how the dye separated when I painted. Perfection Pants pattern in shorties for Scarlett. Psst... 18" waist ~ 22" hips ~ 19" rise. OMG she's huge!

Love for my girlies

A couple of items I knit for my daughters for Christmas...

Fetching for Jordan in Malabrigo dyed by me. I CO only 35 stitches and magic looped on size 7 needles. These were a big surprise for her. She had been asking for a pair for months and I kept saying I didn't know how to knit them. LOL.

A bunny for Scarlett. This was knit with some yarn I got in a dyed yarn swap from Katie. I think a heavy worsted/aran and it came from the UK. Scarlett kept stealing the ball of yarn when I was knitting this, so I think she was pretty happy to get it. Well as happy as a 6 month-old can be. LOL.