Sunday, February 11, 2007

A very special squishy baby

Will get to wear these soon! I have been waiting to post the picture of the gift I made for a good friend's baby boy, until she opened it. She has finally seen it, so here it is! I knit up a pair of shorties with a Curly Purly waistband and my own pattern for the rest. I also dyed two shirts and put some cute iron-ons on them. I also handed down to him my beloved Munki Sushi outfits. *sigh* I can't wait for modeling pictures!

Knitting on the go

I saw this cute idea online of a knitting on the go pouch, but of course there is always somthing I don't like about mass-produced items. So to the drawing board I went. Okay, wee maybe just the cutting board. LOL. Jordan's friend and fellow knitter is having her birthday party today so we made one for her and stuffed it full of goodies. Fabric from Jordan's stash, along with a skein of merino yarn and dyeing tools, and a homemade row counter. The row counter is going to go on a clasp, but we still have to go to the craft store to buy it.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Dye and embellish and show... I have been pretty unmotivated with knitting since I got sick last week. So instead I dyed a shirt for Scarlett and put some really nice iron-on appliques on it. Asian fan and blossoms. Tonight Jordan and I are dyeing the yarn for our Magic Yarn Ball Swap. Hopefully it will dry completely tomorrow so we can wind it and mail on Friday!

Monday, February 05, 2007

It's a collaboration of FIVE Sewing Mamas!

That's what I realized when I got Scarlett dressed Saturday evening. Mocca dress by Erika of Bugz*N*Bean , mary jane soft sole shoes by Jody of JoShoes , diaper by me , with lucky 13 fabric I bought from one of the Pams, and the hippie Santa wool wrap by Candy of Bizzy B Hive .
It feels so great to see my daughter wearing almost all wahm stuff all of the time. Even most of her rtw has been either dyed or altered in some other way by me.