Thursday, April 05, 2007

I may be a lazy blogger

But I am certainly not a lazy knitter! The top pair I did not knit myself, they are hand-me-downs that I re-dyed to cover some staining.
Some 3-ply Targhee dyed by Brad of WWBN in a custom colorway for me. This stuff is so thick and heavy they would stand up by themselves I think. Totally bulletproof for bed though, and of course we love the colors!

Earthy Rainbow BFL again by Brad of WWBN. Cute little capris for Scarlett.

Caramel Apple BFL dyed by me, soaker pattern by me too. I originally planned some shorties out of this, but wasn't crazy over the pooling so I decided it would work as a soaker and I wouldn't be sad covering it up underneath something. LOL. All my mama friends love the pooling though, so maybe I'm just a bit crazy.
This is some merino/silk/alpaca blend dyed by Mich/Belladonna, with bfl for the contrast. Love these capris on Scarlett!

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