Monday, January 15, 2007


They are always making me nutty. I wish they would work when I need them. Way too often I go to take a photo or video and they are dead. I think I need a new set of rechargable ones since these hardly hold a charge at all. The other night, we were playing Clue and we heard Damien upstairs on the microphone so we went to check it out. He had plugged in Rob's microphone to Jordan's amplifier, and was doing a cooking show with his new playkitchen! Complete with "Bam" and all. Unfortunately the camera chose that moment to die. Then last night I wanted to take a picture of Scarlett while she was sleeping and realized my batteries were not charging like I thought. I guess they were loose in the charger. She looked so precious like a little doll with her bright red cheeks and pale rest of her face. I feel horrible that she is sick, but darn she looked so cute!

Charge batteries, charge! I need to get some pics done so I can finish a trade. Yarn for stamp pads. Cause ya know I *need* another hobby!

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