Monday, January 08, 2007

Love for my girlies

A couple of items I knit for my daughters for Christmas...

Fetching for Jordan in Malabrigo dyed by me. I CO only 35 stitches and magic looped on size 7 needles. These were a big surprise for her. She had been asking for a pair for months and I kept saying I didn't know how to knit them. LOL.

A bunny for Scarlett. This was knit with some yarn I got in a dyed yarn swap from Katie. I think a heavy worsted/aran and it came from the UK. Scarlett kept stealing the ball of yarn when I was knitting this, so I think she was pretty happy to get it. Well as happy as a 6 month-old can be. LOL.

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Katie said...

Ohhh! I love seeing it all knit up! Hooray!

It is aran BFL. It is a UK yarn, which I was able to purchase through a US co-op, have shipped back to me, dyed, and then sent to you! I think it is happy to have found a good home to settle into now! :)