Friday, June 08, 2007

Darn camera!

It ate the pics of the dipes I sent out on Monday for some customs. They were so gorgeous too. One of them was some fabric I have been hoarding, the gorgeous Baby Nay Jade. I think if I finish up enough diapers on Sunday to stock for Friday, I will cut one out for Scarlett. With her pretty red hair the cool aqua will look fantastic. So instead I have some pics for you of dresses that I dyed. I did a demo video for the Valley Bums since a bunch of mamas were wanting to learn LWI. Didn't do as tight of variations as I usually do, I was looking for a slightly different look and I am pleased. The top dress is for a charity raffle for Patsy's family. I will post the link when I finish the package. It will be the dress, some yarn and a diaper - all matching. The other two dresses are for Scarlett. I also have one more blank of the top two styles, but am trying to decide colors. I was thinking Ice Blue and Marine Violet for one, and Coral Pink & Ice Blue for the other. What do you think?

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