Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tag, I'm it.

I've been tagged for a meme by Joyce. Here goes nothing. LOL

#1 Is it about the finished item or about the process of knitting? Some of both? Has your focus changed one direction or the other over time?
For me it is definitely about the finished item. We are always in need of knitted goodies here or for gifts, so even if I just want to knit and relax, there is a nice prize at the end.

#2 How do you view mistakes? Do you think they give your project character? Is it important to have one, as my Aunt says, because only God is perfect? Or would you rip all the way back to row 5 of your husband's finished sweater knit on size 3 needles to eradicate a mistake no one else would notice?
It depends. If it is for a gift or a customer, absolutely I frog it back and fix the mistake. For Scarlett though, I gauge (pun intended lol) how bad it is, how noticible, does it affect function, etc. and then decide what to do.

#3 Would you rather knit a project that is comfortable for your skill level, or do you prefer a challenge that requires you to figure out new things?
A challenge all the way baby.

#4 What is something you really want to make but haven't yet? What holds you back? Is it money, skill level, time, fear of the unknown or something else?
I am going to make a sweater for me. There is always something else that needs knitting forst though. And I haven't even taken the time to find the yarn I want for it. I suppose if I would get off my behind and get the yarn I could just knit on it here and there. I will have to figure out exactly which yarn I want first!

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joyce said...

i can't wait to see the sweater you knit for yourself! i hope this motivates you to do some knittig for YOU! you deserve it :)