Sunday, June 01, 2008


Holy cow was I hit with a surprise today. I went out to check on the garden and see where it needed water. We have been having rain off and on since last night. Actually more like drizzle. It has been pretty warm though, so I wanted to check the soil and see which areas needed water since I knew not all of them would. I got to the most recent radishes planted on 4/13 and encountered what I have named ‘Radzilla’. Now, I know it has been about 6 or 7 weeks since they were planted, but for some reason the four squares of that corner have a really hard time germinating, so it took a long while to sprout. I actually only got a few radishes out of the 16 I planted. I know it wasn’t the seeds either because pretty much every other one grew in the other box. Anyhow, Radzilla is about 2.5” in diameter and nearly 1.5” high! You can see my ring next to it for comparison. I’m almost scared to eat it. lol.

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