Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A brighter shade of white

Yup, you guessed it. SNOW. I have my husband to thank for that one. He remarked to me yesterday that for sure we have had our last frost for the year. I explained that it normally is still another month out. Even though the weather is nice, I wouldn't be surprised if we had snow between now and Mother's Day. Well thankyouverymuch Murphy's Law. I woke up the kids for school and was glancing out the window as I walked down the hallway and did a double take. What did my little ole eyes see? Snow all over. Hopefully the sun will come out quickly and melt it all since I should be having lots more radish sprouts soon. Maybe if I go outside and sing like Little Orphan Annie...

With that, I leave you with this picture of me moving dirt sans shovel, because shovels just slow ya down.

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Dove Knits said...

Bahahaha, snow can come at any time in our parts, too!