Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A picture is worth a thousand words

Notice anything different? *grin* The upper left box will have 2-3 tomatoes, basil & marigolds. Upper right box will have 8 square feet of peppers, 3 square feet of purple onions, 1 square foot of green onions, 1 square foot of chives, 1 square foot of nasturtiums, and 2 squares undecided. The bottom two boxes will be filled with 48 beautiful strawberry plants. We love strawberries! I am going to dig up the grass behind the boxes and transplant some raspberry bushes back there. We still have lots more of the soil mix too, so once I get the grass up, I will add the soil in there. You can't really see from this angle, but there is I think 6 or 7 feet behind the boxes.

I also planted 1 square of onions, 1 square lettuce, 2 squares carrots. I discovered too that I think I wasn't getting enough watering done. :( I was using the misting suggested by SFG, but after being out there working for hours upon hours over the last few days, I noticed it kept drying out really quick. I seem to have come up with a better watering system for now, so we will see if it helps. Hopefully since I caught the issue within the first couple weeks, it hasn't done too much damage, just slowed germination, especially since it has been raining some.

I'll be going out later today to place the grids on all but the tomato box.


frugalmom said...

It looks fantastic!

Sinfonian said...

Great looking beds! Very organized. And looks like you're pretty much all planted except for the fruit. Great addition btw.

What I've noticed about my beds is that the top half-inch dries out but below that Mel's Mix stays nice and moist. I guess I should mulch but I'm trying it without this year. That could be your problem as well. hehe I still water more to moisten the top.